Futur de la programmation dans 3dverse


Je suis étudiant et j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec 3dverse grâce à Sylvain.

Je me demandais si le SDK était une solution temporaire, donc l’objectif serait de ne passer qu’uniquement grâce aux assets scripts ou bien si vous souhaitiez conserver la liaison SDK avec l’engine.

Merci d’avance,

Hi Antoine,

The SDK will not disappear. It is the key link between any web page and the 3dverse renderer. You use the SDK to initiate a connection and start streaming the frames produced by the renderer to a web canvas. And you use the SDK any time your browser interacts with the 3D scene.

The Scene Editor, for instance, is entirely built on top of the SDK, using only public APIs. (Anybody could use the SDK to build its own version of the Scene Editor and host it on their own website).

Asset scripts also allow you to interact with the 3D scene but they run directly inside the renderer. As such, there is no latency when running the code, but it doesn’t fit the use case where the inputs come from the browser in real-time.

Hope this helps.

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