How to delete small white dot in scene?

Please help me remove the small white dot effect around the shapes.

Im curently using camera in Character Controller (Get Started) and don’t know how to fix that.

Best regards Max

Hey Max,

Those are specular fireflies (or hot pixels) often caused by very bright lighting.

Make sure you have the Filter Specular option checked in your Camera settings under PostFX:

You can also adjust the brightness of you skybox in the Environment category:

Try playing around with the different environment lighting parameters.

Adjusting materials to be a little bit less reflective might help as well.

I try to fix it this morning but…

I think we have a problem.

MAIDE, MAIDE… My light artist is crazy.

There you go, you can start with reducing the intensity and/or range of the lights:

In the camera settings you can activate Light Clustering:

This will reduce the required processing for lights by splitting them in tiles, each tile will be influenced by a limited number of lights. You can visualize the load of each tile by activating the ShowLightClusters option under Light Clustering in the camera settings:


To have the best perf you need to minimize the red tiles by reducing the overlap between lights (by moving the lights and/or reducing their range).